HSGG Overview

The Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group (HSGG) at the University of California at Davis offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees emphasizing physical, chemical, and biological processes related to the storage and circulation of water and associated constituents on Earth. HSGG offers options in Hydrology, Hydrogeochemistry, and Hydrobiology, and within the Hydrology option students can specialize in surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology, water resources management, or irrigation and drainage. Students with training in hydrologic sciences, geology, geophysics, engineering, soil science, biology, chemistry, computer science, fluid mechanics, mathematics, and physics are strongly encouraged to apply for admission to the graduate program.

HSGG Chair's Welcome

Without question, the obvious importance of water to life on this planet has reached all as expanding populations, damaged ecosystems, political strife and unrelenting water-borne disease, or lack of water altogether is common news. The critical urgency directed at addressing water problems in the world requires ever greater understanding of water occurrence, movement and transformation in our world. It is only with such understanding that we can travel a path that changes water "problems" to "opportunities". I hope you will join us in Hydrologic Sciences to help develop this path.

UC Davis has a tremendous wealth of existing and developing knowledge related to water on our planet and I invite you to explore the rich and diverse academic, research and social opportunities in our program. Moreover, our campus is known for its exceptionally comprehensive graduate curriculum, world-class faculty and an atmosphere of collegiality and support in which ideas thrive and successful professional careers begin.

-Greg Pasternack