HSGG administration is governed by bylaws founded in 1992 and updated December 16, 2011. HSGG administrators include the Group Chair, the Graduate Advisors, and the Admit Advisor.  HSGG standing committees include the Executive Committee, Admissions Committee, Scholarship Committee, and Seminar Committee.

Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group Administrators

Group Chair

Thomas Harter
125 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 752-2709

Graduate Advisors

Carlos Puente
127 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 752-0689

Graham Fogg
237 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 752-5262

Samuel Sandoval
135 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 754-9646

Admissions Advisor

Mark Grismer
209 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 304-5797 (mobile)


HSGG Committees (2016-2017)

Executive Committee

John Largier, Mark Lubell, Sam Sandoval, Peter Hernes, Shila Ruiz, Rich Pauloo (Student Rep), Gus Tolley (Student Rep)

Scholarship Committee

Mark Grismer, Pramod Pandey, Sam Sandoval

Admission Committee

Mark Grismer (Chair), Helen Dahlke, Thomas Harter, Shila Ruiz

Seminar Committee

Yufang Jin (Chair), Alyssa Devincitis, Katie Markovich, Pablo Ortiz Partida, Prudentia Zikalala