Fall Welcome

To celebrate the start of the new school year, the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources hosts a welcome event for all faculty and graduate students in Atmosperhic Science, Hydrologic Sciences, and Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Groups as well as undergraduates in the department. This is an opportunity for students to connect with faculty and their peers.


Fall Welcome 2016

Front Row: Gaby Castrellon Romero, Alyssa DeVincentis, Belle Lane, Emily Edwards, Pablo Ortiz Partida
Middle Row: Nannan Xu, Anna Reimer, Bettina Matti, Kim Miles, Tara Seely, Karen Atkins
Back Row: Stathis Diamantopoulos, Chris Henri, Mehdi Ghasemizade, Mohammad Azizipour, Nick Murphy, Gus Tolley, Coy McNew, Bruno Britos, Mahesh Maskey



Fall Welcome 2015

Front Row: Mahesh Maskey, Kim Miles, Gugu Prudentia, Karen Atkins, Tara Seely, Tiffany Kocis, Belle Lane, Emily Hathaway, and Pablo Partida
Back Row: Andy Wong, Angela Kwon, Pablo Silva, Matt Weber, Gus Tolley, Micheael Koohafkan, Rich Pauloo, Carlos Flores, and Nannan Xu




Fall Welcome 2014

Front Row: Jessica Chen, Pablo Partida, Laura Foster (visiting PhD student), Jenny Ta, Emily Hathaway, and Gugu Prudentia
Middle: Jose Luis Arellano, Tiffany Kocis, Gus Tolley, Mahesh Maskey, Katie Markovich, and Peter Dennehy
Back Row: Michael Strom, John Childs, Stephen Maples,  Pablo Silva, and Matt Weber
Far Back: Maziar Kandelous




Fall Welcome 2013

Front Row: Nick Newcomb, Mahesh Maskey, Maziar Kandelous
Middle: Emily Hathaway, Jenny Ta, Gus Tolley, Bobby Gonzales, Lauren Adams, Katie Markovich, Olin Applegate, Alison Whipple, Yunjie Liu
Back Row: Carlos Flores, Andy Gray, Michael Strom Eric Mork, Rocko Brown, and Peter Dennehy