TA Program

Policy and Procedure for Teaching Assistant and Reader Recruitments/Hiring

Teaching Assistant Hiring

Options for funding support:

  • CAES support/allocations
  • LAWR support – Annual, as reviewed and approved by Program and Vice Chair
  • Program support – Annual, as reviewed and approved by Program and Vice Chair
  • Faculty support – Ad hoc, as determined by funding faculty member

The Student Affairs Officer (SAO) sends the LAWR programmatic Vice Chairs the list of courses for the upcoming quarter reflecting possible TA and reader needs and CAES allocations. The SAO also sends a copy to Business Office Lead. Based on this list, LAWR Vice Chairs communicate with faculty, and all requests are to be discussed with Vice Chairs prior to any recruitment efforts. Any faculty requesting TA or Reader recruitment for a course not on CAES- approved allocation list will be referred to Vice Chairs or must provide individual funding for TA or Reader salary.

SAO will work with requesting faculty member to recruit for TAs or Readers. Faculty member signs application or sends e-mail notification indicating his/her authorization to hire selected applicant. SAO prepares and sends via e-mail an offer letter requiring acceptance of offer by applicant; information required for PPS entry will be included in the letter. Copies of the offer letter are sent to the account manager, PPS processor, requesting faculty, and the appropriate Vice Chair.

Teaching Assistant Training

TA meets with instructor at the beginning of the quarter and regularly throughout the quarter to discuss responsibilities, classroom and student concerns, methods of teaching, and coursework. Informal training of a new TA is also accomplished through the exchange of information with graduate students who have previously served as TAs. A TA may receive credit for receiving training in Teaching Assistantship through ATM, HYS, or SBG 396, Teaching Assistant Training Practicum (1-4 units).

Prospective TAs are notified of the requirement to attend the day-long Orientation for New Teaching Assistants presented by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning prior to each academic year. The CETL also provides the following on-line resources for graduate student TAs:

  • The TA Guide to Instruction has excellent tips for TAs, and it’s mostly written in a bulleted format for quick reading.
  • The TA Consultants organize useful teaching events throughout the year, including the GraduateTeaching Community, which always welcomes new members

Teaching Assistant Duties

  • Attendance of lectures
  • Lead discussions and/or labs
  • Preparation of labs
  • Hold office hours and/or respond to student e-mails
  • Meet with supervisor (professor) one hour weekly
  • Evaluate/read papers, exams, quizzes
  • Proctor exam
  • Perform individual tutoring
  • Maintain electronic files and grading

Teaching Assistant and Reader Application Form

Click here to download the application form for TA and reader positions.