MS Plan II Progress Report

Approved Degree Requirements:

MS Plan II - Comprehensive Examination



Earth Surface Processes



Physical Hydrology

Water Policy and Management

Pre-2016 Program


These procedures follow the approved degree requirements for the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group (HSGG). The Specialization documents contain the advising forms and procedural information for graduate students pursuing a Master’s degree in Hydrologic Sciences for each specialization under Plan II - Comprehensive Examination. Degree requirements for the HSGG were previously established; these required procedural forms will guide each student through his/her education and help track performance. 

The degree-requirements form is intended to be filled out upon completion of coursework and must be signed by the student, Major Professor, and Graduate Advisor in order to graduate.

The educational plan and coursework progress report forms serve as tools to assist students with educational planning in collaboration with their Major Professor upon entry into the HSGG and as they progress and graduate on time. The student should refer to the degree-requirements form to make sure that the plan accounts for all requirements in their chosen specialization. The specifics of the plan may change over time, but it is important to establish an initial plan to ensure that the student will achieve their desired educational goals and meet degree requirements. Once drafted, the student must schedule to meet with their Major Professor and Graduate Advisor for a review of the plan before the form deadline. At the beginning of each subsequent academic year, the student will meet with their Major Professor and Academic Advisor, record the grades earned in the previous year, and then review and amend the plan for the remaining years. The updated form must be submitted to Student Affairs Officer by November 15 each year. The form is updated annually through the student’s career in HSGG.

The M.S. II Comprehensive Examination Annual Progress Report Form (page 4) must be completed and submitted to Student Affairs Officer by May 30 each year. Students should endeavor to establish a thesis committee in the first year of study. In that first year, the initial in-person meeting with each committee member (or as a group) counts as the required meetings for that year. The student should describe the experimental design of his/her thesis and solicit input at the initial meeting. In each subsequent year, the student must meet with each committee member one time individually or as a group in-person. The student should report the progress of the work and solicit input at each annual meeting, making sure committee members initial and date the form at each meeting. When the student is ready to graduate, this form should be reviewed and signed by the student’s Graduate Advisor.